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Monday, February 18, 2013

Survivalcraft: A Minecraft Server

Welcome to Survivalcraft!  Please read all of the rules.

Survivalcraft was created y llxBl4ck0utxll and you can find him on google+: +DanielHenson 
and you can find him on twitter @danielhenson4 .  If you see him or any of the other staff, please acknowledge them.


Head administrator: llxBl4ck0utxll

Co-administrator: Miniman6

moderator/operator: Jayarbe


1. No griefing.  This includes accidents.  If you accidentally knock a hole in something, leave a note to tell what happened and get the materials to fix it before you do anything else.

2. Build only in your land claim.   

3. No profanity(or things like “what the h*ck” but with worse words).*

4. No random links to web pages.*

5. No suggestive material.*

6. No killing or hurting players outside of pvp(1.5).  

7. Obey what the staff says.

8. Have fun!

The breaking of these rules will get you banned from survivalcraft.  The staff would not like to do that but we will if we have to.

This is a whitelist server and once +Mojang is finished with the plugin API, we will add proper grief prevention mods and other useful tools.  When that happens, the server might become public.  Until then, fill out the Whitelist application form on the side of the page.  Once I review your entry, you will most likely be added to the whitelist.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. 

Thank you!

-Daniel Henson(llxBl4ck0utxll)

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